Author: Robert Atwell (Author), Julia Burton-Jones (Author), Joanna Collicutt (Author), Sue Moore (Author), David Richardson (Author), Matthew Salisbury (Editor), Samuel Wells (Afterword)
ISBN: 978-0-7151-2367-6
Publisher: Church House Publishing
Year Published: 2020

God In Fragments equips those engaged in or preparing for ministry to people with dementia

Created on 04 Jun 2021
Last updated on 04 Jun 2021
Moderated on 07 Jun 2021


Each year in the UK, 225,000 people are diagnosed with dementia. The implications for aging church congregations, and for the Christian mission to people throughout their lives, are considerable. God In Fragments aims to equip those engaged in or preparing for ministry to people with dementia. It explores the theological and spiritual challenges of dementia, suggests practical ways to help those living with dementia participate in worship, and offers a wide range of prayers and worship outlines. • Part One offers theological reflection on living with dementia, spiritual awareness, creating dementia-friendly churches and accessible worship. • Part Two contains services, prayers, readings and activities suitable for those with dementia, for use in formal or informal church contexts, church cafés, care homes and hospitals. In an Afterword, Samuel Wells reflects on unlocking the gates of memory.

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