Author: Morse, Louise
ISBN: 978-0-85721-655-7
Publisher: Lion Hudson
Year Published: 2015

Practical help, sound spiritual, and psychological insights to carers of those living with dementia

Created on 04 Jun 2021
Last updated on 04 Jun 2021
Moderated on 07 Jun 2021


Author Louise Morse offers practical help and sound spiritual and psychological insights to carers of those living with dementia.

From hundreds of interviews and hands-on experience Louise Morse offers counsel on what dementia is, and is not; how to make your home a safe place; how to understand and handle challenging behaviour; slowing the onset of dementia; how churches can help; when specialist care is needed; and illuminating stories of what has helped others.

Secular models of support don't adequately reflect Christian values of compassion, love and service. Our current medical services are letting people down, there is no cure on the horizon, and the pharmaceutical companies are reducing their investment.

Too little advice is available, yet at least two-thirds of dementia sufferers are cared for in their own homes. This compassionate and timely resource will be critical to those coping with dementia in a family member or friend and those who fear they may develop it.

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