Author: Jamieson, Alan
ISBN: 9781842275443
Publisher: Authentic
Year Published: 2007

Using the life-cycle of butterflies as a metaphor for the faith journey.

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Last updated on 07 Jul 2021
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Chrysalis: A Forgotten Phase in the Journey of Faith uses the life-cycle of butterflies as a metaphor for the faith journey that many contemporary people are experiencing. Increasing numbers of Christian people find their faith metamorphosing beyond the standard images and forms of Christian faith but questions about where this may lead remain. Is this the death of personal faith or the emergence of something new? Could it be a journey that is Spirit-led? Drawing on the three principal phases of a butterfly's life and the transformations between these phases, the book suggests subtle similarities with the zones of Christian faith that many encounter. For butterflies and Christians change between these 'phases' or 'zones' is substantial, life-changing and irreversible. This book accompanies ordinary people in the midst of substantive faith change. Chrysalis is primarily pastoral and practical drawing on the author's experience of accompanying people in the midst of difficult personal faith changes.

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