Author: Ackerman, Emily
ISBN: 9781910012123
Publisher: Muddy Pearl
Year Published: 2014

Reclaim your life now you're ill, and find new ways to live well and serve effectively

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"When I fell ill and stayed ill, I felt like God had chopped me off at the ankles. I yelped in pain and indignation, I felt painfully abandoned, diminished and finished. It took me a long time to learn that God was not out to kill me." 

Some illnesses begin with a bang, whipped off to hospital or flattened into bed. Other conditions creep in until normal life is no longer normal. Life skills are suddenly out of date. Work, socialising and hobbies are out of reach. It's a new and scary world. Emily Ackerman knows this world only too well. She knows what it feels like to cry out to God to relieve her suffering, to allow her to fulfil her life plans. She knows what it feels like to wait, year after year, while God works through her suffering, to fulfil his plans for her life. 

This book is about fighting back. It's about reclaiming your life now you're ill, and finding new ways to live well and serve effectively. You'll find survival strategies, encouragement, practical advice and fresh ways to view your situation. God hasn't given up on you: there's good news from the Bible about living abundantly and usefully with illness.

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