Author: Whorton, Bob
ISBN: 979-8486192050
Publisher: Independent
Year Published: 2021

A novel about loss and breakdown in ministry

Created on 29 Oct 2021
Last updated on 01 Nov 2021
Moderated on 01 Nov 2021


This novel tells the story of a hospital chaplain and the warden of a community who are struggling in their respective ministries. Shameful obsession, grief, and addiction are the backdrop to this dramatic and sometimes humorous story, which comes to its denouement when the two characters meet at the Manywaters community house at Easter time. There, grace and redemption have the final word.

Addiction, shameful obsession, loss and breakdown: these are the painful experiences of Tara and Steven, the warden of a community and a hospital chaplain. This novel traces their individual spiritual journeys until they meet at the Manywaters community house at Easter time.

‘I really enjoyed the drama and the laugh-out-loud comedy… What keeps the momentum going is a quiet sense of hope that, for all their devastating failures and challenges, they will somehow emerge transfigured.’
Margaret Whipp, author of the Grace of Waiting.

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