Also known as: NADAWM

National Association of Advisers in Women's Ministry

Created on 15 Nov 2021
Updated on 15 Nov 2021
Approved by Moderator 22 Nov 2021


A network in the Church of England which exists to support all ordained women in achieving their full potential for the sake of the mission of the Church.


• we equip and support DAWMs through induction and networking, sharing expertise and best practice to help them be an effective resource in their diocese
• we equip our dioceses to be places which support women in ministry
• we equip the national church through theological reflections and practical observations which support the Church's commitment to gender equality
• we equip women through providing networking opportunities and promoting training, development opportunities and other helpful information

• we evaluate what is going well for women in ministry and share best practice
• we evaluate what isn't working and see if there are emerging trends
• we evaluate the data e.g. representation in vocations, senior posts, church-planting roles, larger churches, senior staff, TIs and Area Deans etc.
• we evaluate the outworkings of the Five Guiding Principles

• we engage with other organisations working to support the flourishing of women in ministry e.g. Transformations, WATCH, Awesome etc
• we engage with the wider issues in society which affect women's ministry in the Church
• we engage with intersectionality recognising that there are other factors which can compound barriers to women exercising their ministry e.g. race, disability, sexuality, poverty/class, age
• we engage with broader diversity work, bringing our experience of being a marginalised group to support others working with other underrepresented groups in the Church