Author: Wittenberg, Jonathan
ISBN: 978-1473664371
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Year Published: 2017

How dogs can teach us to appreciate the world in which we live and develop better relationships

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Our dogs can teach us how to appreciate the wonderful world in which we live, and how to develop better relationships with our friends and families, says author Jonathan Wittenberg.

In this wonderful, warm account of one man and his canine companions, Jonathan shares his inability to resist the big, brown-eyed look which says, 'I'll melt your heart if you even think of going out without me', and the security he feels on a twenty-mile trek across the bleak Scottish Highlands with not a soul for a friend but his border collie.

A good read if you enjoyed watching the new film Isle of Dogs or reading Fabulous Finn by Dave Wardell

'Highly recommended' - Justin Webb
'A wonderful read' - Lorraine Kelly