Education and Support

Practical steps towards better support for Respondents

Going through a CDM, or even being under the threat of a case being initiated, is often a stressful and lonely experience. You need to get up to speed quickly find the support you will need to navigate the months ahead safely. The Hub is starting to put together resources to try and help. Please contribute anything you can through the forums or email us at 

1. Create 'help now' Articles with assistance from Ecclesiastical lawyers, Faithworkers branch of Unite, Canon Law specialists. These are not able to be formal or legal advice but are created on a 'best endeavours' basis to help people facing CDM get started with understanding the territory, what questions to ask, and where to start looking for answers. Click here to view.

2. Private forum only for people in or been through CDMclick here to join

3. Develop useful listings where Hub members can add people, places, organisations etc that may be useful. Click here to view or add

4. Explore what additional resources the Sheldon Hub could host such as sharing good practice. Click here to view all CDM-related forum discussions

The overall aim is to reduce stress by increasing ...

  • Knowledge (uncertainty generates fear and reduces the ability to digest complex information).
  • Autonomy (the process inherently removes personal control so the choice should be included wherever possible).
  • Connection (the system isolates people at a time they most need the protection and reassurance of membership of ‘the tribe’).
  • Respect (complaints are inherently shaming – if they are to be considered one of the hazards of professional ministry then it is essential to attend to how language and process diminishes or enhances respect).
  • Hope (stories and encouragement from people who have survived the process okay).
  • Safety (active minimising of real and perceived risks such as debt and eviction).
  • Fairness (the scales are almost always weighted against a defendant so scrupulous attention should be paid to imbalances of power).

We are proposing a four-pronged approach to action on CDM

Education & Support

Provide and signpost help, advice and support for CDM respondents now ... read more


Improve how the existing Measure is operated and research outcomes ... read more

Independent research

Commission academic research to provide a strong evidence base ... read more

Listen & Learn

Recover a culture of mutual support freed from a climate of fear... read more