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How to cope with trauma and collective loss
A collection of videos, books and discussions on dealing and coping with trauma and collective loss for clergy, ministers and their congregations.... View
Collection: Coronavirus Covid-19
How are people in ministry dealing with the coronavirus pandemic?... View
Search and ye shall find
We are embarking on some really exciting development work at the Hub. It will enable everyone to find exactly what they are looking for and make it much easier to add new resources...... View
A Christmas Gift for the Hub
We are embarking on some really exciting development work at the Hub. It will enable everyone to find exactly what they are looking for and make it much easier to add new resources...... View
​The Hub is unique among websites
The Hub's development work is now complete, offering easy adding and sharing of resources for those in ministry by those in ministry. Find out why the Hub is unique among other websites.... View
It's time to Love the Hub
A couple of times a year we invite members to contribute towards the costs of running the Hub, so now is the time to Love the Hub!... View
Safety during a Crisis
At this time of Advent, we are running the second of our twice-yearly "Love the Hub" campaigns. The Hub is supported by wonderful volunteer helpers, the Sheldon community and your donations. Please gi... View
What do you want to do on the Hub today?
Over the past 5 years, the Hub has accumulated a lot of great content. We often think about how to help new members get started and encourage regular visitors to discover more. So, what do you want to... View
How the Hub can help with Trauma and Loss
How are you feeling? This past year has affected us all. To help those in ministry the Hub has created a new collection of resources about Trauma and Collective Loss. Our latest blog post explain... View
Tackling Trauma: Global, Biblical, and Pastoral Perspectives
Added: 17 Aug 2021
International perspectives on trauma... View
Locked doors unlock opportunities
We are all dealing with change and loss during this traumatic time. Watch the latest video from the Hub exploring collective loss.... View
Coronavirus and Trauma
Document Download
Added: 25 Mar 2020   Updated: 25 Jul 2020
One page intro to what we need to know about trauma as we enter lockdown... View
Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth
Online (website)
Added: 03 Apr 2020
For leaders, organizations, and communities ?impacted by collective trauma... View
Mission in a Time of Trauma: How Your Church Can Minister to its Community Through Crisis
Added: 02 Jun 2021   Updated: 03 Jun 2021
Explores how church congregations can pursue mission in a context of loss, suffering and lament.... View
Trauma, Coronavirus and ministry
Media (video, audio)
Added: 10 Sep 2020
Carla Grosch-Miller discusses how the current situation is affecting those in ministry... View
Tragedies and Christian Congregations
Added: 29 Dec 2019   Updated: 21 Jul 2021
The practical theology of trauma.... View
Collective loss
Media (video, audio)
Added: 12 May 2020   Updated: 13 May 2020
An interview with Carla Grosch-Miller. What is trauma and how does it affect us?... View
Joseph: A Story of Resilience
Added: 08 Oct 2020   Updated: 27 Jun 2021
Everyone knows the story of Joseph in the Bible - but what meaning does it have for Christians today... View
Healing for Pastors & People Following a Sheep Attack
Added: 24 Aug 2021   Updated: 25 Aug 2021
Some practical advice on how to find healing if you have been a victim of a sheep attack.... View
Still the Hunger
Organisation or Network
Added: 16 Nov 2021   Updated: 28 Feb 2022
therapy practitioners... View
Victim Support
Online (website)
Added: 07 Mar 2022   Updated: 04 Apr 2022
Helpline and specialist support to help victims of crime to recover.... View
' I was handed over to the dogs'
Document Download
Added: 12 May 2021   Updated: 25 May 2021
Lived experience, clerical trauma and the handling of complaints against clergy in the C of E... View
Here we go again? Give us a break
Added: 28 Dec 2021
Blog post from the Tragedy and Congregations team, December 2021... View
Choosing a Therapist or counsellor
Added: 09 Nov 2017   Updated: 08 May 2021
Suggestions for how to choose a therapist or counsellor... View